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Stream Energy

The stream controls its banks, not the reverse. Basic stream dynamics are explained using real world and stock footage.

She’s The Engineer

Many high school girls are adept at math and science, yet few choose engineering as a field of study. Focus group research for this program suggested that these girls, motivated by a combination of altruism and greed, could be shown that engineering is a viable choice.


Water is found everywhere on earth, it’s essential for life. It’s unique combination of physical properties are essential to the dynamics of all of earth’s systems. One of these properties that’s important to our story today is that water dissolves many many materials.
Water plays an important role in many of the Earth’s deep processes with the ability to penetrate even the smallest places and transport dissolved materials everywhere and anywhere underground.

Refresquense: Melocotones

This show is from a video series: 16 shows, 5-6 minutes each
8 shows are in English, 8 are in Spanish
Each summer, families receiving benefits under the Women, Infants, and Children’s Program (WIC), are given coupons to buy fresh fruits and ..