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About Us

Professional Independent Video Production since 1971.

In 1969, the EIAJ-1 video format standardized portable video and revolutionized the industry.  It was black and white, and ran on reel-to-reel ½” videotape.

We know this because we used it.   And every year since, the gear has become better, easier to use, and at last, cheaper.   But it isn’t about the equipment.  It’s about telling a compelling story.

We’ve worked on huge screens and tiny screens.  Broadcast and non-broadcast video, projection for theatrical productions, installations, DVDs, and websites.

We speak science.  We speak non-fiction video.  We speak documentary filmmaking.  We can bring the outside world to the classroom; and the classroom to the outside world.

We have experience, lots of it.   We’ve learned that knowing the reason for making a video, and who the audience is, is enough to design and produce a custom program.

Insights was formed in 1980. We became Insights International, Inc. in 1990.