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MICROBIAL HABITATS FLEFF 2015 Opening night Concert

The world of microbial habitats invites us to see beauty in the tiny structures that surround us, that are, literally, beneath our feet. Seeing high resolution electron microscopy of cells, time lapses of fungi living out their entire fruiting cycles, and 3d modeling at the nanoscale, invites us to re-interpret all the Habitats that surround and share every niche of our living world.

Imagery from Cornell’s Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research, David O. Watkins Jr., and Cornell’s Plant Pathology Herbarium augments this classical music concert featuring 2 grand pianos, percussion, horns, violin, flute, a dancer and a soprano performing the works of Bizet, Maslanka and Ravel.

Conrad Alexander, percussion
Jairo Geronymo, piano
Deborah Martin, piano
Amy O’Brien, dancer
Dawn Pierce, soprano
Gordon Stout, marimba

Nicholas Walker, double bass

And guest appearances by Frank CamposSusan Waterbury, Harold Reynolds, Marissa Mediati, Steven Mauk Norman Johnson, direction
Ann Michel and Phil Wilde, multimedia design
Mary Zebell, set design
Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research at Cornell University, microbial habitats
Concert Program

Carmen Fantasy ( Georges Bizet,France, 1875 Arr. Greg Anderson) Jairo Geronymo,  Deborah Martin, Amy O’Brien

Carmen Fantasy Nocturne ( Georges Bizet, France, 1874)  Jairo Geronymo, Amy O’Brien , Nicholas Walker,

Seguidilla (Georges Bizet, France, 1875) Jairo Geronymo, Amy O’Brien, Dawn Pierce,

Carmen Fantasy Aragonaise (Georges Bizet, France, 1875)  Jairo Geronymo, Amy O’Brien, Nicholas Walker,

Nighthawks (David Maslanka, United States, 2009)) Conrad Alexander, Jairo Geronymo, Deborah Martin, Gordon Stout,

Habanera (Georges Bizet, France, 1875) Deborah Martin, Amy O’Brien , Dawn Pierce,

Bolero (Maurice Ravel, France, 1928Co

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