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Accommodations to Keep the Best

Clara Johnson, a lifelong employee of the USDA’s Forest Service, a Federal agency,  describes her work-life and shows her career continuing as her life changes,  revealing the layers of accommodations enabling this.

President Obama’s policies on increasing the employment of persons with disabilities in the Federal workforce has created both challenges and opportunities.     The current goal is 3%, up from a previous goal of 2%.   Conservative estimates show that the available workforce in the US consists of at least 10% persons with disabilities.

This short is one of a series of personal stories on employment and disability created by Insights for eFedLink, a government website from The US Dept of Labor’s Office of Employment Policy, ODEP.  Cornell University’s Employment and Disability Institute, EDI, was the producer of the video series.  The series shows success stories around the myriad issues of employment for people with disabilities.

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