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Collaborating with Agencies, the Story of Tawani Weeden

Tawani Weeden’s first job is with the Milwaukee District Office of USDA’s Forest Service. He landed the job by successfully completing a Forest Service Job Corps training program. This show reveals the professionals working on his behalf and how collaboration between agencies made his future bright.

Accommodations to Keep the Best

Clara Johnson, a lifelong employee of the USDA’s Forest Service, a Federal agency, describes her work-life and shows her career continuing as her life changes, revealing the layers of accommodations enabling this.

Hardscrabble Childhood: Growing up Poor in Rural New York

Only kids are seen and heard in the film – the presence of the adults is felt but not shown. We see how they live and hear them describes their hopes and dreams.


Water is found everywhere on earth, it’s essential for life. It’s unique combination of physical properties are essential to the dynamics of all of earth’s systems. One of these properties that’s important to our story today is that water dissolves many many materials.
Water plays an important role in many of the Earth’s deep processes with the ability to penetrate even the smallest places and transport dissolved materials everywhere and anywhere underground.

The Worldwide Hydrologic Cycle Project

The WorldWide Hydrologic Cycle Project is a multi-language, cross-cultural project that encourages people to translate our two and a half minute film “The Hydrologic Cycle” into any language and any musical style.

NY Local

This is the ending of the trailer for a new video series and blog on jobs and agriculture in New York.
This part of the video shows Wayne making hay for our horses. The song is a 19th century ballad quoted in the works of Thomas Hardy.

WHAT WORKS: Ready and Able to Work

Profiles of innovative, fearless individuals – students, teachers, vocational rehabilitation counselors, community members and others, committed to helping young adults transition from high school into meaningful careers include: Daisy who wants to be a masseuse. She hasn’t told anyone about her plans. During …….