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Makeathon Hackathon

175 brains. 3 days 2 nights. At the Brooklyn Navy Yard in NYC. A makeathon/hackathon to develop affordable assistive technology for people with disabilities

Stream Energy

The stream controls its banks, not the reverse. Basic stream dynamics are explained using real world and stock footage.

MICROBIAL HABITATS FLEFF 2015 Opening night Concert

Imagery from Cornell’s Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research augments this classical music concert featuring 2 grand pianos, percussion, horns, violin, flute, a dancer and a soprano performing the works of Bizet, Maslanka and Ravel.

Collaborating with Agencies, the Story of Tawani Weeden

Tawani Weeden’s first job is with the Milwaukee District Office of USDA’s Forest Service. He landed the job by successfully completing a Forest Service Job Corps training program. This show reveals the professionals working on his behalf and how collaboration between agencies made his future bright.

Accommodations to Keep the Best

Clara Johnson, a lifelong employee of the USDA’s Forest Service, a Federal agency, describes her work-life and shows her career continuing as her life changes, revealing the layers of accommodations enabling this.


2 Grand pianos, double bass, flute trumpet and a mezzo-soprano. American music by Gershwin, Copland, Bernstein. Multimedia projections by Insights. This is the opening event of the annual Finger Lakes environmental Film Festival, FLEFF

Aurora Pocket Neighborhood

Pocket Neighborhoods are similar to co-housing and small lot cottage development, except smaller in scale and cooperatively owned. which allows for uncomplicated resident management and makes Pocket Neighborhoods easier to place on small urban lots within existing established neighborhoods.

Hardscrabble Childhood: Growing up Poor in Rural New York

Only kids are seen and heard in the film – the presence of the adults is felt but not shown. We see how they live and hear them describes their hopes and dreams.

Yuri’s Night, Ithaca, New York

A musical tribute to Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space, created for theatrical performance on Yuri’s night, April 12, at Ithaca’s Science Cabaret. The event included presentations from space scientists in a cabaret setting.

To Measure is to Know

• not by impressions, guesswork or intuition
• but with numbers, data, and accurate measurements.
Because, to measure is to know.