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GET FRESH! Peaches

Each summer, families receiving benefits under the Women, Infants, and Children’s Program (WIC), are given coupons to buy fresh fruits and vegetables, redeemable only at Farmer’s Markets. This video series is played at WIC clinics to show people from the WIC program using their coupons at their local Farmer’s Market, and then preparing

Aurora Pocket Neighborhood

Pocket Neighborhoods are similar to co-housing and small lot cottage development, except smaller in scale and cooperatively owned. which allows for uncomplicated resident management and makes Pocket Neighborhoods easier to place on small urban lots within existing established neighborhoods.

To Measure is to Know

• not by impressions, guesswork or intuition
• but with numbers, data, and accurate measurements.
Because, to measure is to know.

NY Local

This is the ending of the trailer for a new video series and blog on jobs and agriculture in New York.
This part of the video shows Wayne making hay for our horses. The song is a 19th century ballad quoted in the works of Thomas Hardy.