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Fractured Mandible: Pug

This pug was just a puppy when he came in to the emergency service at the Cornell University hospital for Animals. His jaw was fractured, and the young tooth buds may have been affected. Looking at him externally you couldn’t see much, but internally, his mandible (jaw) was dangling.

Pythium Suppression with Vermicompost

he microbes found in vermicompost can help protect plants from disease. Using line animation and video microscopy, we describe how the plant pathogen, pythium aphanidermatum is unable to infect a germinating cucumber seed planted in a potting mix containing vermicompost.

Collaborating with Agencies, the Story of Tawani Weeden

Tawani Weeden’s first job is with the Milwaukee District Office of USDA’s Forest Service. He landed the job by successfully completing a Forest Service Job Corps training program. This show reveals the professionals working on his behalf and how collaboration between agencies made his future bright.

NY Local

This is the ending of the trailer for a new video series and blog on jobs and agriculture in New York.
This part of the video shows Wayne making hay for our horses. The song is a 19th century ballad quoted in the works of Thomas Hardy.