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Where Does Water Go When it Rains?

Basic concepts such as a water budget, stores and fluxes of water, and the flowpaths and residence time of water are explained, using old cartoons, stock imagery, and original material.

OPEN SPACE trailer FLEFF 2010

This is a 2 minute trailer for the Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival, FLEFF. Much of the video design is based on artwork used for the commissioned poster for the Festival.
The original music was composed and mixed by Robbie Aceto.

MICROBIAL HABITATS FLEFF 2015 Opening night Concert

Imagery from Cornell’s Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research augments this classical music concert featuring 2 grand pianos, percussion, horns, violin, flute, a dancer and a soprano performing the works of Bizet, Maslanka and Ravel.

Yuri’s Night, Ithaca, New York

A musical tribute to Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space, created for theatrical performance on Yuri’s night, April 12, at Ithaca‚Äôs Science Cabaret. The event included presentations from space scientists in a cabaret setting.