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In the James Law Tradition

“Don’t forget the horse doctor! ” said Ezra Cornell, in 1868 as Andrew Dickson White set sail for England on University business.
The first 100 years of the College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University is the subject of this video history.


Earthquakes have been depicted in woodcuts for centuries, capturing the terrors and destruction of an ancient scourge. An original score by Judy Hyman accompanies this commissioned work, recorded live

Lofty Estimates

Middle school students use a giant protractor in the field, learning how trigonometry helps surveyors determine the height of a building that is far away. The students help each other to use a tape measure and a trig table that they call “that tangent thing”, to make their calculations.

OPEN SPACE trailer FLEFF 2010

This is a 2 minute trailer for the Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival, FLEFF. Much of the video design is based on artwork used for the commissioned poster for the Festival.
The original music was composed and mixed by Robbie Aceto.