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Earthquakes have been depicted in woodcuts for centuries, capturing the terrors and destruction of an ancient scourge. An original score by Judy Hyman accompanies this commissioned work, recorded live

Talking Story with Chris Hemmeter

Chris Hemmeter is credited for being the hotelman who brought Hyatt to Hawaii. In 1985, Hemmeter was named Entrepeneur of the Year by Cornell’s School of Business.

He describes his career,

The Worldwide Hydrologic Cycle Project

The WorldWide Hydrologic Cycle Project is a multi-language, cross-cultural project that encourages people to translate our two and a half minute film “The Hydrologic Cycle” into any language and any musical style.

Champion Results

Cornell University veterinarians and researchers study the horse with an eye to serving the horse racing community. We follow their investigations into equine performance, respiratory fitness, orthopedic surgery, and fertility.