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Earthquakes have been depicted in woodcuts for centuries, capturing the terrors and destruction of an ancient scourge. An original score by Judy Hyman accompanies this commissioned work, recorded live

OPEN SPACE trailer FLEFF 2010

This is a 2 minute trailer for the Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival, FLEFF. Much of the video design is based on artwork used for the commissioned poster for the Festival.
The original music was composed and mixed by Robbie Aceto.

She’s The Engineer

Many high school girls are adept at math and science, yet few choose engineering as a field of study. Focus group research for this program suggested that these girls, motivated by a combination of altruism and greed, could be shown that engineering is a viable choice.

Natural Rendering for Horses. Composting Horse Mortality

Static Pile Composting is pretty magical. The animal is enveloped in carbon-based material and left for months or years with no turning or work required. It’s a safe and environmentally sound solution, and can be done at any time of year, using the kind of equipment found on most farms. Here’s how.