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MICROBIAL HABITATS FLEFF 2015 Opening night Concert

Imagery from Cornell’s Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research augments this classical music concert featuring 2 grand pianos, percussion, horns, violin, flute, a dancer and a soprano performing the works of Bizet, Maslanka and Ravel.

Where Does Water Go When it Rains?

Basic concepts such as a water budget, stores and fluxes of water, and the flowpaths and residence time of water are explained, using old cartoons, stock imagery, and original material.

To Measure is to Know

• not by impressions, guesswork or intuition
• but with numbers, data, and accurate measurements.
Because, to measure is to know.

Northern Mysteries, Winter Dreams

This travel promotion was created for Finnair in 1989 to promote winter travel to the Baltic. From Helsinki, to Stockholm, to Leningrad and then above the Arctic Circle,