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The Hydrologic Cycle: Swedish language version

We created this short science lesson using public domain animation to succinctly explain the hydrologic cycle and introduce some hydrologic vocabulary.
Original soundtrack is by Lennart Reinander.

In the James Law Tradition

“Don’t forget the horse doctor! ” said Ezra Cornell, in 1868 as Andrew Dickson White set sail for England on University business.
The first 100 years of the College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University is the subject of this video history.

Creations From Fire

Frederick Carder, founder of world famous Steuben Glass, created gorgeous, colorful glass. Tommy Buechner demonstrates the varied techniques Carder used including casing, trailing, intarsia and aurene. This video plays continuously in the Rockwell Museum in Corning, NY, in the midst of their extensive collection of Carder Glass.

Galle Dragonfly Coupe

The Dragonfly Coupe is a fairly small, beautifully decorated glass chalice, 17 cm high. It includes much detail, some of it only appreciated by the varying play of light. We were commissioned by the Corning Museum of Glass to create video of this coupe to play continuously during their Galle show. This video was played on a 54″ monitor in the gallery next to the real object.