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What Works

“What Works?” tells three compelling stories of collaboration between schools, businesses, and students with disabilities who have worked together in a changing economy:

Collaborating with Agencies, the Story of Tawani Weeden

Tawani Weeden’s first job is with the Milwaukee District Office of USDA’s Forest Service. He landed the job by successfully completing a Forest Service Job Corps training program. This show reveals the professionals working on his behalf and how collaboration between agencies made his future bright.

The Worldwide Hydrologic Cycle Project

The WorldWide Hydrologic Cycle Project is a multi-language, cross-cultural project that encourages people to translate our two and a half minute film “The Hydrologic Cycle” into any language and any musical style.

She’s The Engineer

Many high school girls are adept at math and science, yet few choose engineering as a field of study. Focus group research for this program suggested that these girls, motivated by a combination of altruism and greed, could be shown that engineering is a viable choice.