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Fractured Mandible: Pug

This pug was just a puppy when he came in to the emergency service at the Cornell University hospital for Animals. His jaw was fractured, and the young tooth buds may have been affected. Looking at him externally you couldn’t see much, but internally, his mandible (jaw) was dangling.

Refresquense: Melocotones

This show is from a video series: 16 shows, 5-6 minutes each
8 shows are in English, 8 are in Spanish
Each summer, families receiving benefits under the Women, Infants, and Children’s Program (WIC), are given coupons to buy fresh fruits and ..

Talking Story with Chris Hemmeter

Chris Hemmeter is credited for being the hotelman who brought Hyatt to Hawaii. In 1985, Hemmeter was named Entrepeneur of the Year by Cornell’s School of Business.

He describes his career,

Where Does Water Go When it Rains?

Basic concepts such as a water budget, stores and fluxes of water, and the flowpaths and residence time of water are explained, using old cartoons, stock imagery, and original material.