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GET FRESH! Peaches

Each summer, families receiving benefits under the Women, Infants, and Children’s Program (WIC), are given coupons to buy fresh fruits and vegetables, redeemable only at Farmer’s Markets. This video series is played at WIC clinics to show people from the WIC program using their coupons at their local Farmer’s Market, and then preparing

Pythium Suppression with Vermicompost

he microbes found in vermicompost can help protect plants from disease. Using line animation and video microscopy, we describe how the plant pathogen, pythium aphanidermatum is unable to infect a germinating cucumber seed planted in a potting mix containing vermicompost.

Champion Results

Cornell University veterinarians and researchers study the horse with an eye to serving the horse racing community. We follow their investigations into equine performance, respiratory fitness, orthopedic surgery, and fertility.

Talking Story with Chris Hemmeter

Chris Hemmeter is credited for being the hotelman who brought Hyatt to Hawaii. In 1985, Hemmeter was named Entrepeneur of the Year by Cornell’s School of Business.

He describes his career,