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Where Does Water Go When it Rains?

Basic concepts such as a water budget, stores and fluxes of water, and the flowpaths and residence time of water are explained, using old cartoons, stock imagery, and original material.

Fractured Mandible: Pug

This pug was just a puppy when he came in to the emergency service at the Cornell University hospital for Animals. His jaw was fractured, and the young tooth buds may have been affected. Looking at him externally you couldn’t see much, but internally, his mandible (jaw) was dangling.

Cornell University Men’s Basketball

In 2008, the Cornell University men’s basketball team won the Ivy League Championship, and an invitation to the NCAA tournament. For the first time in many years Cornell was going to “The Dance.”

The Hydrologic Cycle: English Language Version

We created this short science lesson using public domain animation to succinctly explain the hydrologic cycle and introduce some hydrologic vocabulary.