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Breast Cancer and the Estrogen Connection: Plastics

Certain types of plastics can leach estrogen mimicking chemicals into beverage bottles and food containers. Scientists are concerned that even at low levels, these environmental estrogens may work together with the body’s own estrogen to increase the risk of breast cancer.

Lofty Estimates

Middle school students use a giant protractor in the field, learning how trigonometry helps surveyors determine the height of a building that is far away. The students help each other to use a tape measure and a trig table that they call “that tangent thing”, to make their calculations.

25 Years and Counting: Lessons from Salvadori Classroooms

Mario Salvadori was a beloved teacher. He successfully took his Columbia University Engineering Structures class into New York City public schools.

Northern Mysteries, Winter Dreams

This travel promotion was created for Finnair in 1989 to promote winter travel to the Baltic. From Helsinki, to Stockholm, to Leningrad and then above the Arctic Circle,