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Pythium Suppression with Vermicompost

he microbes found in vermicompost can help protect plants from disease. Using line animation and video microscopy, we describe how the plant pathogen, pythium aphanidermatum is unable to infect a germinating cucumber seed planted in a potting mix containing vermicompost.


2 Grand pianos, double bass, flute trumpet and a mezzo-soprano. American music by Gershwin, Copland, Bernstein. Multimedia projections by Insights. This is the opening event of the annual Finger Lakes environmental Film Festival, FLEFF

Natural Rendering for Horses. Composting Horse Mortality

Static Pile Composting is pretty magical. The animal is enveloped in carbon-based material and left for months or years with no turning or work required. It’s a safe and environmentally sound solution, and can be done at any time of year, using the kind of equipment found on most farms. Here’s how.

WHAT WORKS: Ready and Able to Work

Profiles of innovative, fearless individuals – students, teachers, vocational rehabilitation counselors, community members and others, committed to helping young adults transition from high school into meaningful careers include: Daisy who wants to be a masseuse. She hasn’t told anyone about her plans. During …….