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Triton’s Radiation Therapy

Triton is an 8 year old Labrador retriever receiving therapy for thyroid cancer at the Cornell University Hospital for Animals. This show was one chapter in a 35 minute show called “Pet Owner’s Guide to Cancer”

Ask an Engineer

This show, narrated by and featuring 12 year old Sophie Lang, includes 5 stories featuring a variety of engineers. This seven minute, widescreen program with surround sound was designed to play continuously in a special theater as part of a traveling science museum exhibit about engineering called “Tech City”

Accommodations to Keep the Best

Clara Johnson, a lifelong employee of the USDA’s Forest Service, a Federal agency, describes her work-life and shows her career continuing as her life changes, revealing the layers of accommodations enabling this.

The Hydrologic Cycle: Swedish language version

We created this short science lesson using public domain animation to succinctly explain the hydrologic cycle and introduce some hydrologic vocabulary.
Original soundtrack is by Lennart Reinander.